Embassy Boardshop

Embassy Boardshop is a skateshop in Columbus, Ohio celebrating their 10th year in business. This is quite a milestone for a local business of any kind, let alone a skateshop in a midwestern city. The achievement is a testament to owner Eric Barkow’s commitment to skate culture and bringing the best products to market.

I noticed that recently there hadn’t been as many Embassy in-house brand tees available as there had been in previous years, so I suggested building out a solid collection for the Summer. Working with Barkow was a breeze and tons of fun! We got everything produced, shot it on skaters that work at the shop and threw a party to launch the collection and commemorate 10 years of skating.

Here’s to many more years of success and cool skate apparel!

Buy Embassy stuff here.

Models: CJ Townsend, Andrew Soteal, Joseph Charlton